League Mono


[the quick brown fox...]

Just some cool sci-fi film titles set in different variations.

The lightest weight in 20+ different css-specified widths

The widest style in 20+ different css-specified weights


This is my first variable font (with lots of flaws, I'm sure). I've never even used a variable font until now (though I played with some at axis-praxis.org and v-fonts.com. While I can appreciate their flexibility in customization, the huge range of options can also create a paradox of choice result. Through designing and coding this little website and tweaking tiny variable font details I found myself overwhelmed. But it is pretty wild, and fun. League Mono is free (also wild) but I can see how a commerical license for a variable font could easily cost up to $1000USD.

The variable font features on this website were made only to work in Chrome/Safari. Support for Firefox/Edge does exist — using WOFF2 through a somewhat tricky conversion process — but has not been implemented here. The League Mono Github Repository has 24 instances (styles) of League Mono in OTF/TTF files if you'd rather skip the variable stuff (which isn't supported in Sketch, for instance).

Complicated webfont usages (animating variable settings with CSS, for instance) can overwhlem browsers. I know because I did it (and tried to avoid it as much as possible here). It's tempting to go crazy with a single 75kb TTF file, but those instances and interactions add up. Example: this webpage is under 300kb, but the 60+ different "styles" shown here will put a lot of work on the browser/user (sorry).

Lastly, if you use it and love it or hate it, let me know, it's a work in progress. I'm on Twitter and Instagram as @typeler.

Download TTF or check out individual styles on Github or see my other stuff