I love to create. Can't stop. I design fonts as Etcetera Type Co and have had fun/success working on a variety of things over the past 14 years. Logos, websites, laser cut products, a brewery redesign, photography, a few apps, videos, ambient music, etc. I contribute to open source projects on GitHub when I can.


I’m a dad, husband, and my dog’s best friend. After growing up in southern Maine (the first 18 years) I settled in Upstate New York (Ithaca). Games are fun so I made one. I run outside all year. I drink too much coffee.

My Fonts Have Been Used By

Barack Obama(!!!), Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, 20th Century Fox, Elizabeth Banks, NBC Universal, Condé Nast, Miss Sharon Jones, Chronicle Books, K.Flay, Penguin Random House, Modern Times Brewery, The Discovery Channel, Threadless, TJ Maxx, Staples, Target, Toms, NASA, HBO, and others.


I make music and have a few releases:
Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, & Apple Music


Type Thursday
Print Mag

Contact Me

I'm very much anti-social media at the moment. But I'm 100% okay sharing my email right here, so send me a message if you want: hi@tylerfinck.com

This Site

I find front-end coding to be a relaxing challenge. This is a custom theme on Kirby CMS. Headlines are set in League Spartan Variable. I try to redesign my site every year, and sometimes that means I jettison old things (fonts, blog posts, pages). If you came here looking for something specific, sorry. This is the internet. You'll either find it or it is lost forever. Ephemeral 👍